1.Typical Characteristics & Chronology of Finding In Malacca
2.Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which is Which ?
3.Chronology of Malacca Sultanate
4.Portuguese Currency : 1511 - 1641
5.Dutch Currency : 1641 - 1795 and 1818 - 1825
6.When Islamic Influence Found in Malacca..? Where is Malacca in 600 Years ?
7.When Chinese Influence Found in Malacca.. How It Develop ?
9. Conclusion

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The History of Melaka Century Currency 15th - 18th


In the Malay Peninsula Cherok Tekun, on the mainland opposite Penang , has yielded some fragments o rock inscriptions in Sanskrit that have been attributed to the fourth century. A slightly later one comes from near Bukit Meriam in Kedah. It is on a slate slab found in a ruined brick house which may have been the cell of a Buddhist monk.

The late neloithic site of Kuala Selinsing in Perak has yielded a fifth century cornelian seal inscribed with the name of Sri Vishnuvarnam.most interesting is from Province Wellesley, seven-tiered umbrella, Sanskrit text consists of the Buddhist verse quoted above a prayer for the success of a voyage projected by one Buddhagupta, the master of a junk, who reside in the "Red Land"..The Red Earthe Land, known to the Chinese as Ch'ih-tu is described in a text containing the report of a Chinese mission there early in the seventh century. Thus Mahayana Buddhism was in Malay at this time, and had apparently been brought there from South India!

The Following Attachment are the genuine and real tin coinage series, dating from early 15th century, Malacca Sultanate Period, Portuguese Period and Dutch Period, as photos shown. We also attached the hand drawings for each tin coins artifacts, according to each coin's exact sizes and designs, for all to study and kind reference.

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