When Chinese Influence Found In Malacca..How It Develop ?

1.Typical Characteristics & Chronology of Finding In Malacca
2.Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which is Which ?
3.Chronology of Malacca Sultanate
4.Portuguese Currency : 1511 - 1641
5.Dutch Currency : 1641 - 1795 and 1818 - 1825
6.When Islamic Influence Found in Malacca..? Where is Malacca in 600 Years ?
7.When Chinese Influence Found in Malacca.. How It Develop ?
9. Conclusion

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The History of Melaka Century Currency 15th - 18th

When Chinese Influence Found In Malacca..How It Develop ?

But, both Siam and Majapahit claimed suzerainty over Peninsula..in 1403, when Malacca was visited by a Ming Dynasty envoy, Yin-King, Parameswara seixed the opportunity to seek recognization from Ming Emperor and support against Siam..in 1405, Parameswara sent an embassy to China and received recognization.that's the beginning of the history"Cheng Ho was send to Malacca in 1409 with his war fleet.Cheng Ho was a Muslim! All know, before that, in 1403, ambassadors were sent from port to port with a war fleet, to Java where two kings were found, also to Malacca...Megat Iskandar Shah is the Muslim name of Parameswara..This is the history of Malacca begin..Islamic influence begin also.

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