Dutch Currency : 1641-1795 and 1818-1825

1.Typical Characteristics & Chronology of Finding In Malacca
2.Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which is Which ?
3.Chronology of Malacca Sultanate
4.Portuguese Currency : 1511 - 1641
5.Dutch Currency : 1641 - 1795 and 1818 - 1825
6.When Islamic Influence Found in Malacca..? Where is Malacca in 600 Years ?
7.When Chinese Influence Found in Malacca.. How It Develop ?
9. Conclusion

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The History of Melaka Century Currency 15th - 18th

Dutch Currency : 1641-1795 and 1818-1825
  • The Netherlands East Indies (N.E.I) are included all Dutch territories in Java, The Moluccas Islands, Malacca and Sumatra.

  • The Dutch who expanding their influence in the Far East combined with the forces of the Sultan of Johore and captured the Malacca from the Portuguese on January 14, 1641. In this 150 years of Dutch East India Company (V.O.C., Verenidge Oostindische Compagnie) have exclusive monopoly power on trade. In 1794, Holland was invaded by the French under Napolean. The British occupied Malacca on Dec. 1, 1795 on behalf of the Dutch.

  • The first Dutch coinage of the V.O.C for Malacca was issued in 1641. All those earlier Portuguese coins and other circulating currency were retained for trading purposes. In fact, coins for use by the V.O.C in the Netherlands East Indies (N.E.I) were struck in the following Provinces, most of them in gold and silver. Holland (HOLL), West friesland (WESTF), Zeeland (S+ZEEL or ZEL), Utreht (TRAI), Gelderland (GEL), Overijsel(TRANSI) and N.E.I for Province of Groningen.

  • The following are the common coinages of Dutch we see in market circulation:-

  • Half Doit (HOLL, ZEEL, WESTF, GEL,) One Doit,, Half Guilder Silver Rider Quarter Stiver, Half Stiver, Bonk One Stiver, Bonk One & Two Stivers, Batavia Quarter Crown, Batavia Half Cro
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