Melaka - 'Malayu', 'Ma li yu cul', 'Malayur'.. > Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which Is Which?

1.Typical Characteristics & Chronology of Finding In Malacca
2.Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which is Which ?
3.Chronology of Malacca Sultanate
4.Portuguese Currency : 1511 - 1641
5.Dutch Currency : 1641 - 1795 and 1818 - 1825
6.When Islamic Influence Found in Malacca..? Where is Malacca in 600 Years ?
7.When Chinese Influence Found in Malacca.. How It Develop ?
9. Conclusion

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The History of Melaka Century Currency 15th - 18th

'Malayu', 'Ma li yu cul', 'Malayur'.. > Is Malacca or Melaka Today ? Which Is Which?

In 1292 the Marcos Polo, who passed through the Straits of Malacca..on his way home from China, visited Sumatra, "Ferlec" the first port they entered, now has been identified as Perlak. From Perlak, the Polos went to its immediate vicinity have been found the oldest relics, in the form of tombstones, of the Mohammedan sultanate of Samudra..the Blessed Odoric of Pordenone, who passed that way in 1323; Ibn Batuta in 1345-6; Prapanca who composed the Nagarakertagama in 1365.

In 1918, Ferrand put forward an ingenious argument in support of Gaspar Correa's statement in Lendas da India that when the Portuguese arrived Malacca had already been in existence for more than seven centuries. He identified Malacca with Marco Polo's "Malayur", which he placed on the Peninsula, and with "Ma-li-yu-cul" which, according to the Chinese account, was attacked by the T'sai of Sukhot'ai I and before 1295! But, in 1921, G.P. Rouffaer attacked Ferrand's thesis, he argued that both names referred to Malayu - i.e. Jambi in Sumtra.where our Paramesvara written in our history, Malacca!
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